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Check and replace washing machine hoses every 5 years.

Defective washing machine hoses cost insurance companies and home owners millinos of dollars a year. It is a good idea to check your hoses every year and replace them every 5 years. Ask us about new burst proof hoses that may eventually leak if not replaced however they will not burst preventing a large mount of damage to your home.

Winterize your second home.

Every year we are called by home owners and property managers to perfom costly repairs due to their homes not being winterized.

When making these repairs we may need to cut holes in celings and walls to get at the damaged plumbing or replace faucets and other items that have been broken because of a power outage or their heating system failing.

Many people choose to leave their heat on low instead of having their homes winterized when they leave for the year. All it takes is for your heating system to fail or a power outage, and you may be looking at significant repairs.

Just imagine coming up to your second home to find out that your pipes have burst over the winter, and the water has been running for a few months. Now you not only need to repair the damage, you may need to deal with mold and other issues which can turn your "get-away" into a headache.

Check the PH of your water.

In the areas surrounding Boone, NC a majority of our water is from wells.  In this area our water typically has a very low PH.

If you have either copper pipes or the new pex piping the low PH of your water may dramatically reduce the life span of your plumbing system. In fact the impact may be higher on your new pex fittings due to their increased zinc content.

The early signs of this problem is the finding blueish green staining on your plumbing fixtures.

Contact us today for a cost effective way to eliminate this problem.

A new water heater can save you money.

About 20% of the energy used by the average home is from water heaters, dishwashers, washing machines, showers and baths. Saving money on your hot water costs doesn't mean taking a cold shower. New water heaters are far more energy efficient than older models. A new energy efficient top tier water heater will provide hot water at a much lower cost and are insulated better to reduce the cost of storing your hot water.

Check the serial number on your water heater typically the first 2 digits are the year the unit was made. If your water heater is more than 10 years old the savings in your yearly energy costs may pay for the replacement of your water heater.

Always turn off your water

With the Boone, NC and the surrounding area being home to many second and vacation homes. A lot of calls we receive have been from people who return to their homes after leaving the water on and finding a significant amount of damage due to a problem that occured while they were away. If you are leaving your home for even a short time please turn off the water.

When a small plumbing issue occurs and no one is around, you may return to a large amount of flood damage requiring repairs to your home.

When leaving your home always turn off your water at the point were it enters your home. Don't forget that you may wish to do that before you leave your primary home if you are coming to your vacation home here in the North Carolina high country.


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